Short-Haired German Shepherd vs Long-Haired Story

Short-Haired German Shepherd vs Long-Haired: Facts You Might Not Know

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If you’re a dog-lover, you’re sure to have heard of the beauties that are German Shepherds. With their elegance, fluffiness, and big hearts, this special breed is the perfect embodiment of man’s best friend.

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Read on to discover the similarities and differences between long and short-haired German Shepherds and some must-know facts about these furry friends.  

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Coat Length and Layers

Short-haired German Shepherds are more common than those with long hair — only around five percent of all German Shepherds fall under the category of long-haired.

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Competing in Shows

Despite the fact that long and short-haired German Shepherds come from the same bloodline (meaning they’re both purebred), those with longer hair are often not allowed to compete in professional dog shows. 

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Price Variations for Short vs. Long-Haired German Shepherds

As a result of their rarity, some breeders could place extra value on long-haired German Shepherds and sell them for a higher price. However, this isn’t usually the case. 

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Health and Lifespan 

Since long and short-haired German Shepherds come from the same bloodline, they both have the same basic level of health and are at risk for the same conditions.

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Physical and Mental Stimulation

Their spirited disposition makes German Shepherds the perfect fluffy companions for active and adventurous owners. These dogs will love accompanying you on walks, hikes, and runs.

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