Things Owners Need to Know I How to Socialize a Puppy

What is puppy socialization, and can you start socializing before the dog is fully vaccinated?

A common belief is that socialization means playing with other puppies and dogs, and while also included – there is so much more to it.

What Is Puppy Socialization?

Socializing a puppy is not just about letting the puppy socialize with other dogs but helping the puppy learn how to behave in society.


Best Age to Socialize a Puppy

Puppies are very receptive to everything that is new when they are between three and 12 weeks old.



Vaccinations & Safety Precautions

Your puppy can still meet other dogs, as long as you know the dogs in question are up-to-date on their shots.


My Puppy Seems Scared – Now What?

If your puppy seems uncomfortable or scared – see if you can take a step back.


Places to Socialize a Puppy

- Puppy Class  - Pet Store  - Outside a Store  - Playground  - Park Bench 

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