How Much Do Puppies Sleep? How to Find the Ideal Puppy Sleep Schedule

When you think of puppies, you generally think of them curled up in a little ball, sleeping peacefully. But how much do puppies sleep?

Here’s everything you need to know about how much sleep your pup needs, and everything you can do to facilitate a healthy sleep schedule for your furry friend.

How Much Do Puppies Sleep?

– 8-Week-ld Puppies: 14 to 18 hours – 3-Month-Old Puppies: 12 to 14 hours – 6-Month-Old Puppies: 10 to 12 hours – 9-Month-Old Puppies: 8 to 10 hours – 1-Year-Old Puppies: 6 to 8 hours

Are Puppies Capable of Sleep Through the Night?

Puppies are not able to sleep through the night like adult dogs. This is because they need to wake up frequently to urinate and defecate.

Here’s exactly what you should be doing to create a good sleep schedule for your puppy. 

- Make Sure Your Puppy has a Comfortable Sleep Environment - Allow Your Puppy to Hydrate Before Bed - Allowing for Potty Breaks

Signs Your Puppy is not Getting Enough Sleep?

– Yawning and stretching more than normal   – Appearing tired or sluggish   – Difficulty focusing or being easily distracted   – Excessive chewing or licking

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