How Much Do Puppies Sleep? How to Find the Ideal Puppy Sleep Schedule

When you think of puppies, you generally think of them curled up in a little ball, sleeping peacefully. But how much do puppies sleep?

Here’s everything you need to know about how much sleep your pup needs, and everything you can do to facilitate a healthy sleep schedule for your furry friend.

Why Do Puppies Need Lots of Sleep? 4 Reasons

1. To Conserve Energy 2. For Their Brain to Develop 3. To Heal and Repair Their Bodies 4. To Develop Their Immune System

How Much Do Puppies Sleep?

– 8-Week-ld Puppies: 14 to 18 hours – 3-Month-Old Puppies: 12 to 14 hours – 6-Month-Old Puppies: 10 to 12 hours – 9-Month-Old Puppies: 8 to 10 hours – 1-Year-Old Puppies: 6 to 8 hours

Setting Up a Sleep Schedule for Your Pup

Here’s exactly what you should be doing to create a good sleep schedule for your puppy.


Make Sure Your Puppy has a Comfortable Sleep Environment

Puppies often feel safe and secure in small, enclosed spaces, so a puppy crate is often the best option.


Allow Your Puppy to Hydrate Before Bed

It’s important to ensure your puppy is well hydrated before they go to bed. This means giving them plenty of water to drink throughout the day and avoiding strenuous exercise in the evening.

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