Best High Fiber Dog Food Choices For Anal Glands Problems


Many anal gland infections get so bad that they become abscessed and ruptured, causing the dog’s suffering and their people quite a nasty mess.

There are lots of good, natural fiber options for dogs, but it’s often overlooked the value of ensuring your dog gets enough fiber in their diet.


Using a unique blend of fibers, Glandex helps to create sturdy and durable stools that support the anal glands drain naturally if your pet defects.


Bernie’s Perfect Poop

Bernies’ Perfect Poop combines luxury fabrics, prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes to overwhelm the digestive system of your pet.


Raw Paws

The perfect pet supplement, 100% natural, air-dried pumpkin powder, provides diarrheal relief for dogs and cats. Raw Paws also Effectively also relieves painful constipation in cats and dogs.


Diggin’ Your Dog

Anti-Diarrheal firms up. Pumpkin + Apple Fiber is used in dogs and cats for digestive help. Blend rich in antioxidants to support healthy digestion.


Zesty Paws

Zesty Paws products are formulated with ingredients through extensive research that serves your pet a beneficial purpose.


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