Things to Know | German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix

Here comes best in the show, one beautiful showstopper – the German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mix. This unique designer breed is a mix between the high-spirited Australian Shepherd and the fiercely courageous German Shepard.

So, if you’ve already set your sights on this handsome, active dog, you should know – you have good taste. Keep reading this guide to find out what it takes to raise this pup.

Origin Story of the German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix

What we do know about the German Shepherd Aussie is that the breed was developed sometime between the 1990s and 2000s.


The German Shepherd

The brave and powerful German Shepherd was bred around the 19th century when the German officer Captain Max von Stephanitz sought to create a German herding dog.



The Australian Shepherd

Despite their name, Australian Shepherds or Aussies aren’t actually from down under. While the breed was refined in the outback, this purebred got its actual start working the hills and countryside of Europe.


The Appearance of the German Shepherd Aussie Mix

This hybrid is most likely to have a fluffy, plumed tail that can be long or short. This will be dependent on which parent breed they take after.


The Coat

When it comes to their coat, they generally have a straight to wavy double coat that’s short- to medium-length.

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