Fastest Dog Breeds in the World

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Everyone knows that dogs love to run. Whether it’s chasing a ball, doing zoomies in the backyard, or jogging alongside their favorite human, it’s pretty clear they feel a need for speed.

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It’s time to examine the fastest dog breeds. From their top speeds to their origins and breed characteristics, here’s everything you need to know about these speedy canines.

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Their athletic bodies allow them to run at speeds up to 37 miles per hour. They like to live in places where they can romp and run around.

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Borzois are a large breed of dog with long, slender legs. Males generally stand at about 28 inches, and females at about 26 inches. When fully grown, they can run up to 35 mph.

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Whippets are a dog breed that originated in England. Their medium-sized body can carry them at speeds of up to 35 mph, and they can sustain a fast pace over long distances. 

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Weimaraners are large-sized dogs with strong bodies that are built for work. They are fast sprinters and can travel at speeds up to 35 mph.

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German Pinscher


As their name implies, the German Pinscher originated in Germany. These medium-sized dogs have muscular bodies with long and lean legs and can run up to 33 mph. 

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