Complete Guide to the Irish Setter Poodle Mix

Photo by Thijs Scheper on Unsplash 

Perhaps you’ve heard of them by other names – the Irish Setter Poodle Mix, the Irish Doodle Setter, the Irish Setter Poo? Yep, they have a lot of nicknames. These fun, intelligent, and energetic pups are perfect for any family.

Photo by Thijs Scheper on Unsplash 

So, if you’ve taken a liking to this designer breed, and want to learn more, then read on. This guide will tell you everything about the Irish Setter Poodle mix.

Photo by Afif Ramdhasuma on Unsplash 

Irish Doodle Temperament and Personality

They are known to be extremely loving and caring towards their owners and families. They are also super social, so you can be sure they’d also give your visitors some attention.

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Eyes and Nose

The eyes of an Irish Doodle are a fantastic brown, like both parent breeds, without much variation.  The nose color, however, is almost always black.

Photo by Thijs Scheper on Unsplash 


Your Irish Doodle doesn’t need a large amount of exercise as other dog breeds might. A moderate amount of daily activity keeps them happy and satisfied.

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The Irish Doodle adopts its incredible intelligence from the Poodle, so they are more than capable of grasping commands over time.

Photo by Thijs Scheper on Unsplash 

Irish Doodle Life Expectancy

The Irish Doodle’s typical lifespan is between 10 and 13 years. Of course, this depends on multiple factors, including your dog’s health condition.

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