Can Dogs Get Hiccups? 3 Causes and 3 Treatments to Try

Much like our bewilderment around why our dogs eat poop or why our pup licks their nose, we may also wonder can dogs get hiccups?

So if hiccups plague your pooch regularly, you may want to know what causes them and what you can do to help. Let’s find out what some of the culprits may be.

Overly Excited or Anxious Behavior

A common cause of hiccups is when your pup becomes stressed or even overly excited. Along with fervent playing comes rapid or irregular breathing.


Eating or Drinking Too Fast

Drinking or eating too fast usually leads to swallowing air along with their meal and unwanted hiccupping.



Upset Stomach

They can begin to hiccup if they’ve inhaled or ingested an irritant, which would certainly unsettle their belly.

How Can You Get Rid of Your Pup’s Hiccups? 3 Things to Try

1. Regulate Their Breathing 2. Drink Water 3. Slow Down Meal Times

When Are Hiccups Concerning? 3 Things to Watch Out For

1. Irregular Breathing 2. Exercise-Induced Hiccups 3. Heatstroke

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