Things You Need to Know: Bear Coat Shar Pei Dog Breed

The Bear Coat Shar Pei has been thrust into mainstream attention thanks to its unique and rare coat that gives it a teddy bear-like look.

So before making the leap and getting one, there are some things you need to know about the Bear Coat Shar Pei.

The Color of Their Coat has a Meaning Behind it

There is the common idea that the color of the coat has an effect on the dog’s temperament and health. One of the most famous is that a white coat will lead to deafness.


Bear Coats are Better Suited to Experienced owners

A gentle but somewhat firm and consistent authority figure is needed by this breed.



Puppy Training is Essential

This is to ensure that the pup will grow to be affectionate and have a respectful attitude towards the people and dogs around him.


They Need Regular Grooming

Your doggo should be brushed at least twice a week to remove any loose fur and debris that has collected in their two coats.


A Regimented Skin Cleaning Routine is Essential

Their flaps of skin are natural traps for bacteria so regular checks around damp areas, like around their nose and mouse, are needed.

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