Things You Need to Know | Akita German Shepherd Mix 

The Akita German Shepherd is loyal, stoic, and as impressive as its parent breeds.

This guide will cover all things Akita German Shepherd for anyone looking to add one of these fur babies to their family.

Does an Akita German Shepherd Make a Good Family DoG?

The stoic yet fun-loving nature of these pooches makes them excellent family members, and they will take this role very seriously.



Socialization is crucial with these dogs. Their natural guarding instincts can turn from healthy overprotectiveness to a more volatile trait.



Temperament and Behaviour

The Akita Inus and German Shepherd are both beautiful but certainly lack nothing in the brain’s department either. These are two extremely intelligent breeds.



These dogs shed like crazy on a daily basis so if you’re looking for a hypoallergenic doggo then this pooch isn’t for you.


Coat Colors

Your Akita German Shepherd can range from white, silver, and brindle to red, brown, black, gray, and sable.

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