Reasons Why Does My Dog Snore

Like humans, dogs snore because air movement in their nasal passages and airways has become disrupted.

There are several reasons that your dog may snore, including its sleep position and breed.

Upper Respiratory Damage


Some several conditions and infections cause damage to your pup’s upper respiratory system. One of these is the common cold.



Excess body weight doesn’t just reflect in the midsection of a pup’s body – it can also result in excess fatty tissues forming around your pup’s neck and throat. This, in turn, can restrict your pup’s airflow, resulting in snoring.

Sleep Apnea


Sleep apnea is essentially a condition where something – generally excess fatty tissue around the airways or issues with a pup’s respiratory system – can result in temporary narrowing or even collapsing of the airways.

Other Health Conditions


– Tooth abscess – Hyperthyroidism  – Growth in the oral cavity – Growth in the sinuses – Fungal diseases like aspergillosis

Obstructed Airways


Something stuck up a dog’s nasal cavity – which can be anything from a small toy to water – could lead to sudden snoring. If the obstruction is temporary, the snoring should stop on its own within a couple of days. 

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