Potential Reasons Why Do Dogs Lick Their Paws

Watching your pup lick their paws can be a very cute sight to behold. Most of the time, this light afternoon licking is totally harmless and to be expected.

So while it is a totally normal self-grooming action across all dog breeds, it can also be indicative of a bigger root problem. Therefore, it’s handy to know all the possibilities in order to best care for your fur baby.

To Communicate


Licking is one of the truest ways dogs communicate. Whether it be to share their pleasure and excitement, or their anxiety and displeasure.



Our hounds typically paw-lick as part of their self-grooming routines. If your doggy is a particularly meticulous groomer, you may notice him licking his paws more regularly.

Worrisome Reasons for Paw Licking



If your pup’s licking starts suddenly and is focussed on one specific paw, it could be indicative of an injury.

Claw Problems


A very viable reason your pup may be going at their paw could be that their claws are causing them problems. The same rules apply; do a thorough inspection of their paw, checking each claw carefully, including the declaw.

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