8 Things Owners Need to Know about the Shepadoodle Story


Things Owners Need to Know about the Shepadoodle 2023 German Shepherd Poodle Mix Dog

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Shepadoodles are a special type of dog created by mixing a German Shepherd with a Poodle.

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Let’s dig deeper into this wonderful large breed we call The Amazing Shepadoodle.

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Exploring the Shepadoodle’s History

In the case of Shepdoodles, both of their parent breeds hail from Germany and share remarkable qualities of being large in size and dynamic in nature.


Image by lancegfx from Pixabay  

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Breeding the Shepadoodle

One of the main reasons behind breeding the Shepadoodle was to produce a dog that possesses the desirable traits of both parent breeds.


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Shepadoodle Appearance

Some may have the classic German Shepherd look with coarse, dense, black, and tan fur. Others may showcase their Poodle parent’s influence with low-shedding, curlier coats, which is a distinct feature of Poodles.

Image by Tanya from Pixabay  

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Shepadoodle Size

Shepadoodles are large dogs, similar in size to German Shepherds and standard Poodles. When fully grown, they typically stand between 22 and 28 inches tall and weigh anywhere from 60 to 90 pounds. 

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Shepadoodle Personality

German Shepherds and Poodles are both energetic and smart breeds, and the Shepadoodle is no exception. This dog requires plenty of exercise and regular training.

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