7 Reasons You Might Not Know | Why Does a Dog Lick Your Face Story


Reasons You Might Not Know | Why Does a Dog Lick Your Face

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Our pups usually show undying love and loyalty through non-verbal communication. This includes barking, wagging, and licking – you know the drill.

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In order to best take care of our fur babies, we need to learn a little more about their ways. For instance, what exactly do they find so appealing about our faces? 

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They’re Craving Attention

Dogs are highly intelligent creatures, and just like humans, they have emotional needs. They just aren’t able to communicate verbally, so they instinctively ask for what they need in various other ways.


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They’re Tasting You

Your doggie likes the taste of your skin the same way they would want to lick a salty bone or anything interesting tasting, for that matter.


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They’re Navigating Their Environment

Bear in mind that dogs use their, sometimes overbearing but necessary, licking and sniffing to navigate their environment. You are a crucial part of their environment, so it’s only fair that they investigate you thoroughly.

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Following Instinct

Our beloved tail-waggers are often licking our faces because of an instinct passed on in their DNA.

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They’re Grooming You and Themselves

A dog licking your face, or any part of your body for that matter, can also be part of grooming. So if you don’t mind the slobber then enjoy the TLC from them.

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