Reasons Why Does My Dog Put His Paw On Me

While most of us find this pawing behavior adorable, you may have wondered why your dog is doing this. Does doggo want something from you, or is he simply saying hi?

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Let’s look at all the different things your dog may be trying to say, and you’ll become a paw communication expert in no time!

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Showing Affection

This is the sweetest reason your pup may be putting its paw on you. Just like you pet your dog to show love and affection, your furry friend may be trying to ‘pet’ you back.


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Seeking Attention

On the other hand, if you’ve been busy and haven’t given your dog a lot of pets or playtime, a well-placed paw may be its way of asking for your attention.


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Asking for Food

If your pet places a paw on you and stares you down, check the time to see if doggo may be asking for dinner. 

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Need to Go Outside

If you’re still training your puppy, you’re probably the one who decides when to take the little one outside for a potty break. However, as your dog gets older, it will tell you when it needs to go outside.

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Feeling Sick or in Pain 

Your pup may not always be looking for attention in the form of cuddles or food. If your dog isn’t feeling well or has hurt itself, it may place a paw on you to ask for help. 

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