Things to Know About Golden Mountain Doodles

The Golden Mountain Doodle is one example of a cross-bred dog, it comes with an adorable size and a friendly attitude.

Here are 6 things to know about Golden Mountain Doodles.

What Is a Golden Mountain Doodle Dog?

It is a mix between a Bernese Mountain Dog, a Golden Retriever, and a Poodle. This is also where it gets its name from.


Golden Mountain Doodle Temperament and Training

Compared to other dogs, Golden Mountain Doodles are extremely intelligent, they will learn basic commands easily and respond well to stimulation training.



Golden Mountain Doodle Size and Appearance

They can be one of the tallest dog breeds, at a height of 25 inches or more, and adult Golden Mountain Doodles can weigh more than 70 pounds.


Popularity of the Mountain Goldendoodle

Golden Mountain Doodles are extremely popular because of their intelligence, loyalty, ease when training, looks, and hypoallergenic fur.


Physical Health of Golden Mountain Doodles

As the Golden Mountain Doodle is a mix of three different breeds, they can only suffer from health problems that are common to all three breeds. This phenomenon is known as Hybrid Vigor, where mixed breeds of dogs have much better immunity than purebred ones.

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