Reasons Why Does My Dog Lick My Ears

Image by Bethany Ferr from Pexel

It’s a truth universally acknowledged (amongst dog owners, at any rate) that your furry friend loves to lick you.

Image by Anna Kester from Pexel

Earlobes and canals may seem like a strange place for your pet to deliver their love slurps, but there are a few reasons why they might want to.

They’re Helping You Out

Your dog sees you as a member of their pack, so it’s only natural for them to want to make sure you don’t suffer from any uncomfortable itches or dirt in your ears, either.


They’re Being Submissive

Submissive licking is a normal and social aspect of a dog’s life, so feel free to let them tell you how much they respect you by giving your ear a patina of slobber. 


Image by Guo from Pexels 


They’re Feeling Secure

Grooming in this manner can also indicate that your doggo is feeling content and secure, and that they really love you. 


They’re Trying to Comfort You

A lick to the ear might be an attempt on their part to comfort you and make you feel better. 

Image by Petra from Pixabay


They’re Exploring

Dogs don’t only use their noses to explore their world but also their tongues. They can pick up some information by licking or chewing more efficiently than when sniffing. 

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