6 Factors to Consider | Shih Tzu vs Yorkie Story


Factors to Consider | Shih Tzu vs Yorkie

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Are you considering getting a new furry friend but can’t decide between a Shih Tzu vs Yorkie? These two breeds are popular choices for small dog lovers, but they have distinct differences that may sway your decision.

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In this article, we will delve into a detailed comparison of Shih Tzus and Yorkies, exploring their origins, appearance, temperament, grooming needs, exercise requirements, and health considerations.

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History of the Breeds

Shih Tzu: They were primarily bred as companion dogs for Chinese nobility and had a regal demeanor. Yorkie: Originally bred as rat catchers in mines, they are now popular as elegant and energetic companions.


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Size Shih Tzus are generally larger than Yorkies. While Yorkies typically weigh around seven pounds, Shih Tzus can weigh anywhere from 9-16 pounds.


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Trainability Shih Tzus can sometimes be a bit stubborn and may require more patience and consistency during training. Yorkies, on the other hand, are quick learners and can quickly pick up new commands and tricks.

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Exercise Needs Shih Tzus are relatively low-energy dogs and do well with moderate exercise.  Despite their small size, Yorkies are quite active dogs. They require daily exercise to expend their energy and prevent behavioral issues.

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Grooming Needs

Due to their long, flowing coats, Shih Tzus require regular and meticulous grooming.  Yorkies also have a long coat that requires regular grooming to keep it in good condition.

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