57 Interesting Facts About Dogs You Might Not Know Story


Interesting Facts About Dogs You Might Not Know

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Dog owners and lovers alike might think they know everything there is to know about dogs, but don’t be surprised if this list challenges your general knowledge. 

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Get ready to have your mind blown by some of these astounding canine-related facts.

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A Dog Was Nominated For An Oscar

The famous German Shepherd, Rin Tin Tin, won an Academy Award in 1927 for his performance in 4 box office hits.


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Labradors are the Most Popular Breed

Yes, it’s official. People love Labs, to the point that they’ve been consistently voted one of the top 10 breeds since 1991 in the official AKC’s popular breeds list.


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Their Sense of Smell is Incredible

This is a common fact, but did you know it’s because they have over 100 million sensory receptors in their nasal cavity compared to a human’s measly six million?

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Their Brain Has a Larger Area Dedicated to Smell

This ties into the previous fact: the area of a canine brain that analyzes odors is also larger than humans—a whopping 40 times larger, to be exact. 

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A Dog’s Nose Can Sense Thermal Radiation

In layman’s terms, a dog’s nose can detect heat. This means that they can detect body heat from potential prey, which is how blind or deaf dogs can still hunt successfully even without seemingly necessary visual or auditory senses. 

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