Factors to Consider: Why Do Dogs Bark in their Sleep?

What do doggos dream of? We imagine them chasing sticks and playing in fields while they dream, but perhaps they’re living their best fantasy lives — as far as a dog can fantasize, anyway!

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Here’s the lowdown on everything you never knew you wanted to know about why your dog barks in their sleep.

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Dog Sleeping Phases


There are two types of sleep, non-REM sleep and REM sleep.

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How Often Should My Dog Bark While They Sleep?


Large dog breeds tend to follow human sleep patterns more precisely in length. An average cycle lasts about 90 minutes for them, so once during that cycle, they’ll experience REM sleep and possibly bark during it. 

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Should I Wake My Dog Up if They’re Barking in Their Sleep?


Firstly, you should check to make sure your fluffy friend is actually asleep when they’re barking, especially as dogs are capable of sleeping with their eyes slightly open.

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Can I Give My Dog a Sleeping Aid to Stop the Barking?


Medicine intended for humans shouldn’t be given freely to animals as it doesn’t always work the same way and may do more harm than good.

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What if My Dog Howls, Cries, or Whimpers as Well?


If these behaviors don’t carry over into your dog’s waking life, then there’s nothing to worry about. But if you notice them enacting any of these cries or whimpers during the day, these noises may indicate that something is up with your pup. 

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