Reasons Why Do Dogs Scratch Their Beds

Many dogs enjoy a worry-free life with people who love and care for their needs. They have a set eating schedule, sleep whenever they feel tired, receive unlimited hugs, and are loved no matter what they do.

This guide will cover why your pet moves around so much in bed, why they scratch the bed in the process and what you can do to help it get a better night’s sleep.

They’re marking their territory


Dogs are creatures of habit and love marking their territory. They leave scratches on their beds for the same reason they pee on a fire hydrant when you take them for a walk.

It is their natural instinct


Before they became domesticated by humans, survival in the wild was rough for dogs, and they needed every instinct they could to stay alive. 

They’re feeling stressed


Dogs scratch their beds to soothe themselves when feeling anxious or fearful because it helps them settle down. 

It has become an addictive habit


Dogs are like us when it comes to being living beings that love forming habits. Most of them pick this habit up as puppies because they observed their mother or another animal in their home doing it.

Why Do Dogs Kick and Scratch When Sleeping?

1. It’s having a seizure. 2. They’re dreaming.

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