Smallest Fluffy Dog Breeds You’ll Absolutely Love

An overwhelming majority of fluffy dogs happen to be small, making them easy to fall in love with.

So, if you are eager to get a fluffy, furry, four-legged friend of your own, take a look at these 37 small fluffy dog breeds and find out what makes them mans best friend.

Bichon Frise

This snowy fluffy showstopper has been described by many Bichon owners as affectionate, silly, and gentle. This breed weighs between 10 to 20 pounds and has a soft frizzy coat with a small toy face.


Shih Tzu

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this royal breed, the Shih Tzu was bred to be a royal palace dog in Ancient China. The Shih Tzu even makes an appearance or two in some of the tapestries of that era.



The Miniature Australian Shepherd

The miniature Australian Shepherd gets most of its fluff from the long, smooth fur and the double-layered nature of its coat.


Coton De Tulear

The Coton De Tulear breed lives up to its name. This dog looks like a ball of cotton wool thanks to its soft and fluffy coat.



Weighing no more than ten pounds, the Papillon breed gets their name (which means butterfly in French) from their big, winged ears. This is complemented by their long wispy coat.

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