37 Interesting Facts About Poodles Story


Interesting Facts About Poodles

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Did you know that Poodles are one of the most intelligent breeds in the world? Well, there’s more to these cute fluffy pups worth knowing, especially if you’re considering getting one.

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And if you already own a pet Poodle, then these interesting facts about Poodles will surely entertain you. 

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Poodles Enjoy Being Alone Sometimes

Nothing makes these pups happier than being with their parents, but they want some alone time here and there. It’s nothing concerning, simply a common Poodle trait. 


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Poodles Were First Bred as Hunting Dogs

We can’t imagine these fluffy, cute dogs hunting today, but water retrieving was their main duty back in the day.


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Poodles Come in Different Sizes 

– Toys – Miniatures – Standards

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Poodles Make Excellent Employees

You heard right—Poodles are fantastic service dogs thanks to their intelligence and eagerness to learn. They can be employed as guides, assistants, and therapy dogs. 

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Poodles Don’t Have Fur

Did you know that Poodles have hair and not fur? Poodle hair acts like human hair, it never stops growing, and like us, their hair can start thinning due to hormonal changes.

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