33 Interesting Facts About Puppies Most People Don’t Know Story


Interesting Facts About Puppies Most People Don’t Know

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Puppies have stolen the hearts of many for as long as they have existed. It has even been proven that our stone age ancestors loved their puppies and took good care of them.

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Check out these interesting facts about puppies that you might not have known before.

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Puppies Can Be Born With Green Fur

Puppies can be born green, but luckily it doesn’t last long. Light-colored puppies can have their fur dyed after coming in contact with biliverdin in the womb. 


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Puppies Are Blind And Deaf At Birth Due To Evolution

Pregnancy can impair a carnivore’s ability to hunt and chase prey. This caused the gestation period to become shorter so that they wouldn’t take long breaks from hunting.


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There’s Science Behind Our Reactions To Puppies

It’s called the baby schema effect. The theory suggests that our brains start releasing dopamine and oxytocin when we look at puppies.

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Puppies Lose Their First Set Of Teeth

At about two or three months, they will begin losing their baby teeth, and their adult teeth will come in.

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They’re Considered Adults At A Year Old

Dogs are considered adults at one year old. However, maturity depends on the breed.

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