33 Best Low Maintenance Dog Breeds You’ll Love Story


Best Low Maintenance Dog Breeds You’ll Love

Image by Herbert Goetsch on Unsplash 

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Get ready to discover all the best low maintenance dog breeds that’ll make you fall in love with man’s best friend.

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Some may be expensive dog breeds, but that’ll be an afterthought when your laid-back pup sits by your side.

Image by Jaycee Xie on Unsplash 

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The Maltese are the perfect pedigree dogs that know how pretty they are. Originating from Italy — more specifically Malta — these little ones weigh no more than seven pounds. 


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Miniature Schnauzer

If it’s the unconditional love you seek from a puppy that loses its energetic charm, then the Miniature Schnauzer may be for you.


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Despite their long silky coat, grooming once a month is more than enough. And to make things better, these little ones are tougher than they look, with hardly any health issues.

Image by Herbert Goetsch on Unsplash 

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Despite these slightly high maintenance characteristics, Poms are one of the easiest lapdogs. These boisterous fluffies can be your loyal companion for up to 16 years, as they have hardly any health issues.

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For an adorably ugly dog that’s taken the world by storm, get yourself one of these flat-faced cuties. They may have issues breathing, and their eyes are vulnerable to infections, but these Asian sensations come with a lot of love.

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