29 Smartest Small Dogs I Find Your Favourite Intelligent Pup Story


Smartest Small Dogs I Find Your Favourite Intelligent Pup

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There are about 90 small dog breeds, but not all dogs are created equal. Each breed of dog has different skill sets and intelligence levels.

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Here are the most intelligent small dogs so you don’t have to compromise between a cute pup or an intelligent one.

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Rat Terrier

Rat terriers are very stubborn dogs. However, that doesn’t stop them from being trainable and very intelligent in adaptive and problem-solving activities.


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Cairn Terrier

This tiny dog is commonly used for catching small rodents and vermin on farms. Not only are they good exterminators, but they’re also very intelligent.


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Toy Manchester Terrier

Known for its sleek black-and-tan coat, the Toy Manchester Terrier is as sharp as it looks. Historically a rat hunter, this breed combines agility with an alert mind.

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Miniature American Shepherd

A smaller version of the American Shepherd, this breed boasts intelligence and agility. With herding roots, they’re quick thinkers and excellent problem solvers.

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Italian Greyhound

Besides being known for their graceful stature and speed, the Italian Greyhound is an astute companion. They’re quick learners and can be quite playful.

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