29 Asian Dog Breeds You’ll Absolutely Love Story


Asian Dog Breeds You’ll Absolutely Love

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From fluffy big dog breeds to wrinkly-faced guard pups and spotted handbag aristocrats, these breeds come in all shapes and sizes.

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There are more than a handful of Asian dog breeds to choose from; that’s why I’ve gone ahead and selected a mere few adorable breeds for fun-loving doggy people.

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The Pug

Pugs are one of the most beloved dog breeds for families due to their adorable faces, sweet demeanors, goofy characteristics, and manageable sizes.


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Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu is a small Asian toy dog with a delightful, playful personality. Originating from Tibet, the breed is recognized for its short snout and large, bulgy eyes.


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Chow Chow

These dogs originated from northern China, and their Chinese name, “Songshi-Quan translates to “puffy lion dog,” which is quite fitting for their appearance.

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Chinese Crested

The Chinese Crested dog is a super unique looking dog; it’s a hairless dog featuring tufts of silky hair on its head (the crest), paws, and tail.

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Japanese Chin

Originating from China, the Japanese Chin is a small toy breed known as Imperial China. These doggies are considered noble companions in Japan.

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