Most Beautiful Dog Breeds You’ll Adore

A dog’s build, cuteness, color, face, pedigree and various combinations of all of the above can contribute to our views on the beauty of these animals.

Some prefer big dogs, some like fluffy dogs. So at the risk of omitting any of your favorites, and apologies in advance for that, here are 27 dog breeds that are just gorgeous.

Bichon Frise

In the category of toy dogs, Bichon Frise ranks among the cutest and resembles actual stuffed toys. Their button noses and eyes sit like black decorations in the fluffy white cloud that is their face.


Border Collie

Their distinctive black and white coloring is a dead giveaway, along with pointy ears and eyes that always seem to be asking you what needs to be done.



Labrador Retriever

Labs are among the most popular family dogs around, in part because of their mild temperament, patience, and tolerance for kids.



Unfairly called the wiener dog because of its oddly elongated shape, dachshunds are nonetheless cute and striking. They are essentially people dogs, never straying far from the human owner.



Everyone’s favorite firefighting dog is the Dalmatian. It certainly has a unique look, unmistakably white with black spots.

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