27 Dogs That Look Like Bears Story


Dogs That Look Like Bears

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While bears are not necessarily everyone’s go-to dream pet, a dog breed that looks like a bear will surely do the trick.

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Here’s a quick list of 27 amazing dogs that look like bears, keep reading to find out which cuddly canine should be your next companion.

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Border Terrier

Their scruffy-bearded appearance makes them look like a disheveled bear that just got out of a fight — still adorable, though.  


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Maltese Shih Tzu Poodle

This fluffy poodle mix is an undiscovered designer gem; the Maltese Shih Tzu Poodle serves pure bear-face thanks to three different dog breeds and generational breeding.  


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Bear Coat Shar-Pei

Their loose skin and puffy fur make them look like a tiny dog in a teddy bear costume that’s a little bit too big.

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The Zuchon is a well-mannered, affectionate, and friendly breed — which may already be evident from its squishy teddy bear face. It does well with kids and other dogs.

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Chow Chow

This blue-tongued baby is as bear-like as bear dogs can get. You can expect this fluffy rascal to make a home almost anywhere.

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