27 Dog Breeds With Low Separation Anxiety | Independent Pups Story


Dog Breeds With Low Separation Anxiety | Independent Pups

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Dogs take the trophy when it comes to devoted, warmhearted animals committed to fulfilling the role of best friend and trusted companion.

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Here are 27 dog breeds with low separation anxiety that do well when left home alone.

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Golden Retriever

These sociable dogs don’t stress too much when you have to leave home. As avid hunters, they’re always keen to explore their surroundings.


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Shiba Inu

What makes Shiba Inus great low separation anxiety dogs is their intelligence, adaptability, and watchfulness. They thrive under good socialization and training and will easily adjust to being left alone.


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Dachshunds are very watchful, with high adaptability levels — making them low-maintenance, low-separation anxiety dogs.

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Basset Hound

These dogs are among the least aggressive dog breeds because of their calm and mild temperament. They are incredibly independent and won’t exhibit stress when you’re away.

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Lhasa Apso

Their calm, easy going, individualistic nature means you can step out for a bite, run errands, and go about your adult responsibilities without Fido having a meltdown in your absence.

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