27 Dog Breeds That Look Like Bears You’ll Adore Story


Dog Breeds That Look Like Bears You’ll Adore

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While bears are not necessarily everyone’s go-to dream pet, a dog breed that looks like a bear will surely do the trick.

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Here’s a quick list of 27 amazing dogs that look like bears, keep reading to find out which cuddly canine should be your next companion.

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Bichon Frise

This little beauty is more like a polar bear cub but a bear nonetheless. With a black nose and beady black eyes, the Bichon Frise, whether teacup or standard, is easily one of the cutest bear-like dogs you’ve ever seen.  


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The Whoodle appears to be half bear, half-human. It’s their wide eyes that make them seem as though they’re always looking for treats, but which pup isn’t?


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Border Terrier

Their scruffy-bearded appearance makes them look like a disheveled bear that just got out of a fight — still adorable, though.

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Bernese Mountain Dog

If you’re looking for a calm, good-natured, and strong working dog, the Bernese Mountain dog is for you. The Poodle mix could be an even better fit if you’re seriously after the hunky bear breeds.  

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No, this is not a bird or a profanity. The Cockapoo is a mix of a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle. You can expect a non-shedding dog with short curly and wavy hair.  

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