25 Hairiest Dog Breeds You’ll Want to Snuggle With Story


Hairiest Dog Breeds You’ll Want to Snuggle With

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Is there anything more adorable than a cuddly, four-legged furball? Whether big or small, you can’t deny that there’s something special and appealing about hairy dog breeds.

Image by Madhurima Handa on Pixabay 

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If you’re looking for a new best friend to snuggle with that resembles a teddy bear, you’ve come to the right place. This list of the hairiest dog breeds might just help you find the perfect huggable companion.

Image by Chendongshan On Canva 

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Afghan Hound

With their slender bodies and flowing locks, Afghan hounds are definitely the supermodels of the dog world. They are more than just a pretty face, though – they’re also one of the fastest dog breeds out there.


Image by Garosha on Canva

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Tibetan Mastiff

Out of all the dog breeds that look like bears, the Tibetan Mastiff is the largest, hairiest, and most powerful. This ancient dog breed hails from the Himalayan mountains and has a thick double coat to protect it from the elements. 


Image by darrensp on Canva 

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No one will blame you if you thought this quirky pup was a mop at first glance – the Komondor is a weird dog breed with their thick, white coat and corded locks.

Image by DAPA Images on Canva 

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Samoyeds are hard-working sled dogs that are also gentle and easy-going companions if you stay in a cold climate.

Image by Beate on Pixabay 

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Shih Tzu

With a name that roughly translates to “little lion,” it’s easy to understand why the adorable Shih Tzu and its glorious mane earn a spot on this list. Their coats grow rapidly and need constant grooming to keep them soft and silky.

Image by Ana on Pixabay 

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