25 Best Poodle Mix Dogs You’ll Absolutely Adore Story


Best Poodle Mix Dogs You’ll Absolutely Adore

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It’s no secret Poodles are smart. These little designer canines are the perfect combination of beauty and brains.

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From the smallest and sassiest of the lot to the large and in charge hounds, there’s a pooch to suit every lifestyle, taste, and personality on this list.

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With wittiness and good looks at the ready, both parent breeds have excellent temperaments for family dogs. They are not aggressive in the slightest, plenty affectionate, and always ready to play.


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This mix is a clear crowd favorite. One of the most popular family dogs is the Labrador and combined with the witts and temperament of the Poodle, you will have a smart, loyal, and loving furry companion.


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The fluffy faces of these Maltese cross miniature Poodle pups will simply melt your heart. And walking down the street with one of these little guys will definitely attract cooing crowds.

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This dynamite in a small package inherits the personality of both its Pomeranian and Poodle parents. And luckily for us, the result is an optimistic and all-around enviable companion pup.

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Boasting an heir of elegance, these playful pups love to love and be loved. These pooches don’t require much in terms of grooming and they are excellent at obedience training.

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