Best Indian Dog Breeds You’ll Love

Getting a dog is an exciting process, but it can also be daunting if you’re a new dog owner. If you’re struggling to decide which breed you’re interested in, consider Indian dog breeds.

This post will cover 23 dog breeds from India to help you find your ideal match for a furry companion.

Vikhan Sheepdog

The Vikhan Sheepdog is a rare breed that originated in parts of India and Pakistan. The breed isn’t formally recognized by any official breed club, but that doesn’t mean they’ve died out completely.



Kaikadi dogs are Indian sighthounds traditionally kept by the Kaikadi people, a nomadic tribe from Gujarat and Maharashtra.



Taji (Tazi)

The Taji or Tazi is a robust and muscular dog initially used for hunting boar, foxes, and other prey. While this sighthound breed originates in India and Kazakhstan, many Tajis are found in Russia today.



Often mistaken for the Greyhound, the Kanni dog is a sighthound that comes from South India. The name “Kanni” means pure in Tamil, which refers to the loyalty of Kanni dogs.


Alangu Mastiff

The Alangu Mastiff of Bully Kutta is an ancient breed originally used by the Persian Army to guard campsites. Today, you may know this breed by its other name, the Bully Kutta.

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