Best Indian Dog Breeds You’ll Adore

If you’re struggling to decide which breed you’re interested in, consider Indian dog breeds.

This post will cover 23 dog breeds from India to help you find your ideal match for a furry companion.


The slender and elegant Chippiparai originates in Southern India in Tamil Nadu. These dogs were bred as sighthounds to detect, chase, and capture prey.



This rare breed originated in the Himalayan Mountains centuries ago. Bhakarwal dogs were used by ancient nomadic tribes as guard dogs to protect their livestock from dangerous predators.




The Kombai or Combai dog is another Indian sighthound breed. Also called the Indian Bore Hound, these canines are loveable pets and fantastic guard dogs.


Mudhol Hound

The Mudhol Hound (also known as the Maratha Hound or Pashmi Hound) is an agile and loyal sighthound bred in and around India.



You may know the Rajapalayam dog breed by its other names, the Polygar Hound, Shikkar Hound, or Indian Ghost Hound. This breed also originated in Tamil Nadu in South India and was made for hunting wild boar and small prey.

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