White Big Fluffy Dog Breeds You’ll Love

When the colder weather starts to come in, there’s nothing quite like jumping into bed and having a giant fluffy companion keeping you warm.

When it comes to white big fluffy dog breeds, there are a few that are teddy-bear-like and others that are made to work. What breed you choose ultimately depends on what you want from one of these fur balls.

Great Pyrenees Mountain Dog

These gentle giants are extremely loyal and friendly, with their coats making them better suited to colder climates.



Although they are large dogs, they are not the biggest and it’s actually all their fur that makes them look even bigger than they are.




The Kuvasz was bred in Hungary and was originally used to protect farmer’s livestock from wolves. Their bright white coat normally helps the farmers in differentiating them from predators.


Standard Poodle

Poodles are a well-behaved breed and are relatively protective, meaning they can be good guard dogs. They have an iconic white fur coat that sheds very little.

Slovensky Cuvac

With an almost puppy-like temperament and plenty of energy to go along with it, the Cuvac is another breed that was bred for the purpose of guarding flocks.


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