19 Dog Breeds That Whine a Lot 2023 | Whiny Woofers Story


Dog Breeds That Whine a Lot 2023 | Whiny Woofers

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When choosing a pet, you might want to know if your future companion is more or less likely to be vocal.

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That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 19 dog breeds that whine a lot so you can decide which breed is best for you.

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Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzers are loud and incredibly communicative. This breed will whine for many reasons, and if you rule out illness and injury, you’ll realize they express themselves often.


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With boundless curiosity, Beagles can be very vocal about anything, really. Your pup will often whine out of boredom and excitement, which can be fixed with appropriate stimulation and training.


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Basset Hound

These super sniffers are intelligent and a tad stubborn, and their whining is often linked to their need to express themselves as social pets. You’ll notice your Basset will whine, bay, and howl when bored or lonely.

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Great Pyrenees

If you’re a Great Pyrenees owner, you’ve probably wondered why this breed whines and barks at night. Well, that’s because these pups were used to patrol farms, protecting livestock day and night, hence the late-night barking.

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The main reasons a Pomeranian may whine are usually related to attention seeking, excitement, and anxiety. They will whine as a form of submission, to greet their owners or as a result of separation anxiety.

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