Big White Fluffy Dog Breeds (With Pictures) You’ll Love

When the colder weather starts to come in, there’s nothing quite like jumping into bed and having a giant fluffy companion keeping you warm.

What big white dog breed you choose ultimately depends on what you want from one of these fur balls.


The Samoyed originated in Siberia where they have been used in the cold and snowy conditions to hunt and pull heavy loads.


Standard Poodle

Although they have been crossbred over the years with other dogs, the Standard Poodle breed is a big fluffy dog that makes an amazing family pet.



Ukrainian Shepherd Dog

Probably the most intimidating dog on this list. With a height of over 2 feet tall at their shoulders and often exceeding the 100 pound weight, Ukrainian Shepards will stand their ground.


Polish Tatra Sheepdog

The Tatra is a giant furry dog that can stand up to 28 inches tall, when measured at its shoulders, and weigh up to 130 pounds.


Clumber Spaniel

When it comes to an easy-going personality, the Clumber Spaniel is a sweet and gentle giant and an amazing companion. They are pretty big, sometimes weighing 85 pounds or more.

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