Fastest Dog Breeds in the World

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Everyone knows that dogs love to run.  But did you know that some dogs were bred to be fast?

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It’s time to examine the fastest dog breeds. From their top speeds to their origins and breed characteristics, here’s everything you need to know about these speedy canines. 

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They were originally bred as hunting dogs; they would chase hares, deer, and foxes. They can maintain a speed of around 35 mph for as far as seven miles.


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Salukis can sprint up to 42 mph. They prefer shorter distances rather than long ones, though. When fully grown, they can keep a fast pace for two to three miles. 


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These sighthound dogs have lean bodies and are very fast runners: they are able to reach speeds up to 42 mph.

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Their lean body can travel at speeds of up to 40 mph. But, despite their high energy levels, they are gentle-natured and are well-suited for families with children. 

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Afghan Hound

Underneath their smooth coat, they have muscular and athletic bodies that allow them to reach speeds up to 40 mph.

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