Things to Know about Toy Poodle Temperament

If you are thinking about welcoming a Toy Poodle into your family, you’ll likely be looking to find out more about the Toy Poodle’s temperament first.

Let’s find out why the Toy Poodle’s temperament might just make them the perfect match for you.

History of the Toy Poodle


The incorrect assumption that the Toy Poodle dog originated in France came about because they are so popular with the French.  However, Poodles actually originated in Germany over 400 years ago. 

Why They Became Popular


Standard Poodles were used for duck hunting and other water retrieving which is where their excellent agility and knack for obedience training came in handy.



These hounds are regarded as one of the smartest dog breeds out there – top 10 in fact. They’re inquisitive, clever, and eager-to-please which also makes them a little like canine scholars.



Your pooch will need to feel like they are as much a part of the family as any human member. They are companion dogs and need to be around people at almost all times.



Toy Poodles are extremely people-oriented. This means that if you stay consistent with what you ask and you make your training routines fun, interactive, and positive, your pooch will jump at the opportunity to please you. 

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