13 Things to Know about the Pomapoo Dog Story


Things to Know about the Pomapoo Dog

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Pomapoos are getting more popular thanks to their sweet temperament and being one of the most beautiful dog breeds.

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Before deciding to get the adorable furball, there are some things you need to know first. Their personalities, diet, training and activity needs, and grooming demands are just some things to consider.

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A Pomapoo’s Ideal Human or Family

Pomapoos are considered velcro dogs, as in they love sticking to their owner like glue. This means the ideal human for them has to be as affectionate as they are.


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Grooming Needs

Pomapoos need their teeth brushed and their nails taken care of. Brush their teeth every few days to keep them spotless and their breath fresh.


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The Breed Can Be A Low or Moderate Shedder

If you aren’t suffering from any allergies, then the dog is perfectly safe for you. Their shedding ways can also be easily dealt with. Clean up fur from just about anywhere with this handy vacuum cleaner.

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Getting a Pomapoo

Despite being designer dogs, the breed isn’t costly. Puppies are sold between $400 and $1800, and older Pomapoos are even cheaper.

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They’re Great for First-Time Dog Owners

If you’ve never owned a dog before, don’t worry, the Pomapoo is here for you. Thanks to their affectionate and loyal nature, they’re perfect for first-time dog owners.

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