13 Things to Know About the Mini Shih Tzu Story


Things to Know About the Mini Shih Tzu

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The Shih Tzu mini has come along and dug its way into our hearts with its sassy and lovable personality.

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In this article, you’ll learn about your Shih Tzu mini toy breed, their dietary requirements, how to keep them healthy, and some fun facts about your fluffy friend.

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Dietary Requirements of a Mini Shih Tzu

As they’re so tiny, they are prone to hypoglycemia. This means that you will have to feed your dog more times a day for it to maintain blood sugar levels.


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Shih Tzu Miniature Dogs Have Intense Grooming Needs

Their fur can become matted, so it is important to groom them with regular washes, brushing their luscious strands, and of course, a regular trim.


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Miniature Shih Tzus Make Good Watchdogs

These pups are lovingly called the “Lion Dog”. While they aren’t naturally ferocious, they can be quite protective of the things and the people they love.

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A Shih Tzu Teacup Dog Can’t Breathe Well

Having a flatter face ultimately restricts the dogs’ airways, which makes it harder for them to breathe, especially while doing physical exercise.

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The Teacup Shih Tzu Is Naturally Dominant

Shih Tzu minis are, by nature, pack dogs. To ensure your dog’s personality remains friendly, you’ll have to mimic certain aspects of the pack.

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