Facts About the Beagle German Shepherd Mix

The Beagle and German Shepherd on their own are some of the most popular breeds around the world. But what happens when you combine the two and get a Beagle German Shepherd mix?

The result is the Beagleman (or Beagle Shepherd), an energetic and highly affectionate companion that loves to be around people. But before you dive in head first and commit to getting one of these lovable dogs, there are a few things that you need to know.

The History of the Beagle Shepherd Mix

It is a designer dog with an unknown origin, but if it is like most other designer dog breeds, then it was likely bred in the 1990s or very early in the 2000s.


The German Shepherd Beagle Mix Are Pretty Popular Dogs

What makes them popular as well is their exclusivity. There are very few breeders for a Beagle Shepherd, making them very rare and harder to get than one of their parents.



Beagle Shepherds Are Incredibly Easy to Train

They are hyper-intelligent dogs that can also learn more intricate and elaborate tasks relatively easily.


The Appearance of the Shepherd Beagle Mix Is a Bit of a Lottery

There is only one common thing for every Beagle Shepherd: all of their eyes are brown. Unfortunately, you won’t find any blue-eyed puppies in this hybrid breed, but they’re just as beautiful with brown eyes.


The Shepherd Beagle Mix Isn’t Hard to Groom

With that somewhat fluffy coat of theirs, be prepared for a light dusting of hair in your home throughout the year. But be prepared for spring when your Beagleman will lose its winter coat and shed quite profusely.

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