Best Behaved Dog Breeds You’ll Adore

Everyone wants to have the perfect dog that will keep them and their family entertained but not cause a ruckus every time some friends come over.

This list has some of the best-behaved dog breeds to own so you can have peace of mind that they won’t tear up your couch when you make a quick grocery run.


Collies were bred to herd sheep and are still used for that purpose today; they are both eager to please and smart. Collies’ inherent ability to protect comes from their breeding purpose.


Golden Retriever

One of the most popular breeds in the world, Golden Retrievers have built a reputation for their amazingly friendly personalities. They are the perfect family pet with a temperament that is calm and friendly.




Poodles are known to be one of the most intelligent dog breeds out there.  Despite their looks, they are confident and active with a very friendly personality.



Don’t let the resting grumpy face fool you, Pugs are little charmers who can be mischievous at times. These doggos are extremely curious, which sometimes doesn’t end well for them, but they are the perfect dog for your home.



Newfoundlands are large dogs, but they aren’t all brawn and no brains. These dogs are incredibly smart and easy to train.

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