Best Behaved Dog Breeds You’ll Absolutely Love

Everyone wants to have the perfect dog that will keep them and their family entertained but not cause a ruckus every time some friends come over.

This list has some of the best-behaved dog breeds to own so you can have peace of mind that they won’t tear up your couch when you make a quick grocery run.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


They’re exceptionally good at mimicking their owner’s behavior, so if you’re a bit of a couch potato, don’t be surprised to find your doggo by your side.



One of the more easy-going and laid-back dog breeds, Beagles may be small but are larger-than-life when it comes to their personality.

Boston Terrier


Boston Terriers, also affectionately called the ‘American Gentleman’ because of their tuxedo-like markings, are an easy breed to look after.



Labradors are outgoing and friendly dogs that make fantastic companions, service dogs, and guide dogs.

French Bulldog


A cousin that is often mistaken for a Boston terrier and vice versa, the French Bulldog is the perfect dog for someone who wants a companion around the house.

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