Reasons Why Do Dogs Rub Their Faces On the Ground

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Like most of our best friends, dogs are superb companions and have lovable quirks. Among them is the habit of sometimes wanting to rub their faces on the ground, whether it be grass, the lounge carpet, or your favorite garden patch at home.

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So why do dogs rub their faces on the ground? This article will look at all the common and potentially problematic reasons.

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Your dog’s great genetic ancestor, the wolf, deliberately rubbed its face into the ground to do one of two things. The first was to mark a kill and spread that kill’s scent on themselves.

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Smelling Good

Dogs can smell a great many times better than we can. Sometimes, something on the ground smells divine, at least to them. This is why they may want to cover themselves in it. 

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Post Bath Sensations

Because they have to sit still for much of that time, their energy builds up. Then, when finally released, you may see a dog rub itself urgently on the floor or ground. 

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The Zoomies

This is usually a burst of high energy at any given time. Some recommend you mitigate the zoomies by spending lots of playtime with your dog or extending their walks to burn up that extra energy. 

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Face Wash Moment

Dogs do not have opposable thumbs, so effectively washing their faces can be challenging. Thankfully, the ground provides an extensive and convenient surface upon which to scratch their face. 

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Image by Myléne from Pixabay  

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Photo by Engin Akyurt