Reasons for Dogs to Go Without Eating

Image by Adriana Morales from Pixabay 

It’s not always a simple lack of appetite. It turns out there are many reasons why your dog may not want to dive into their delicious dishes.

Image by Matty Coulton from Pixabay

Here are some of the most common reasons.

They’re Fussy Eaters

Yup, sometimes your pooch is just being a prima donna. They might develop a taste for steak and turn their nose up at chicken, or vice versa.


They Have an Allergy

It’s possible your pet is simply allergic to something that dominates its diet, causing them to feel ill.



They’re Depressed

Your furry friend can also get the blues, and lose interest in their food as a result. Usually, they’ll also become less playful and active if this is the case, and their sleep schedule will change. 


They’re Anxious

An anxious dog can inadvertently become an anorexic dog as stress levels can cause a decided drop in appetite.

Image by Mat Coulton from Pixabay


There’s Too Much Time Between Meals

When doggos get very hungry, bile builds up in their stomachs and can leave them feeling quite sick, making them disinclined to tuck into their breakfast. 

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