Potential Causes and What to Do About Them I Why Do Dogs Shake Their Heads?

Head shaking, ears flapping, collar jangling — you probably see your dog doing this at least once a day. But is there any reason for this behavior? Or should you be concerned?

It is completely normal for your dog to shake its head every now and then, and not necessarily a sign of illness or injury. Here are a few general reasons for head shaking.

Dislodging an Object in Their Ear

Since pooches don’t have opposable thumbs, head shaking is the easiest way to get rid of an object that is stuck in their ear.


Loosening Up in the Morning

Just like humans tend to stretch in the morning when first getting out of bed, your pet may just be shaking its head to loosen up.



Playing or Feeling Excited

It is normal for dogs to express this excitement by shaking their heads and flopping those ears about.


Ear Infection

An ear infection is the most frequent issue that causes excessive head-shaking in dogs. These infections can occur in the outer, middle, or inner ear canal.


Ear Mites

An ear mite infestation can cause similar symptoms to ear infections. This health problem is uncommon in adult dogs and is more often seen in puppies, especially if they come from crowded living conditions.

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