Reasons Why Does My Dog Follow Me Everywhere

Sometimes it can be endearing and other times it can get on your nerves. Either way, the age-old question of ‘“why does my dog follow me everywhere?” is a tricky one to answer.

Let’s take a look at a number of other reasons as to why dogs follow you around.

They’re Getting Older and more vulnerable


As a dog ages, it’s more prone to dwindling eyesight and a number of other complications depending on the breed. Older dogs can also develop cognitive dysfunction syndrome which is essentially dementia for dogs.

Dinner Time


Similar to hungry children crowding the kitchen when dinner is about to commence, dogs will hang around you around the time of day when they know they’re going to be fed.



Thunderstorms and fireworks could also send your dog cowering around your ankles from time to time. Most dogs are frightened by both of these loud noises and will often look to their owner for protection.

Boredom & Attention Seeking


Dogs need stimulation and attention and without it, they can get incredibly boisterous and overbearing anytime you’re in the same room.

Conveying Information


Your dog could be trying to show you something and it might do some good in unraveling the mystery to follow it to wherever it might want to take you.

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